Face Painting by Poodie Paint

Wet Split Liners & Face Painting Palettes

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3/10g Wet Split Liners

Perfect for beginners and travellers - pick your favourite ones!

20g Wet Liner Liners

Need more than 2 colours? This 20g series gives you extra fun!

Wet Split Liner & Professional Face Painting Palettes

A burst of rainbow colours in just 1 palette - made for the creative minds!

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Face & Body Painting Service

We provide professional Face & Body Painting and more event services to your birthday parties and corporate events.

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natural products

Made to be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly with only plant-based ingredients.

good quality wet liner malaysia
Quality Guaranteed

Our products are 100% non-toxic, sensitive skin-friendly, free from alcohol and fragrance.

water soluble wet liner face painting poodie paint
Easy To Wash

Easily wash away the face paint or wet liners on your face/body with water. Zero hassle!

Vibrant Colours

Achieve stunning graphic eyeliner or creative makeup look with high coverage.

Face Painting by Poodie Paint