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Life is all about celebration if you see it deeper. It is not about what we do, it is about what it does to us. In the picture, the kids are having their good times with friends and family with customized cake and face painting.

Indeed, life is full of ups and downs. However, if you keep a positive mind, you will see everything positively. Some people will see black color as bad luck. In face painting, not only is black powerful, but the key to let designs stand out.

Therefore, you may see a failure/hardship in life as a meaningful gift!

Today, we especially want to talk about birthday party ideas. It is the most common celebration that is constantly happening every second. 

It is so worth celebrating because we thank everything for making the birth happen. 

Birthday parties/celebrations are no longer just about cakes and presents, it is so much more. It is about family relationships, friendships, special gatherings, precious moments to be remembered, and more.   

Here, we provide 15 birthday party ideas that you can do to make your children’s birthday party more fun, exciting, and memorable for the rest of their life!

15 Birthday Party Ideas To implement For Your Children’s Next Birthday Party

The Basic Birthday Party Things

1. A customized cake for the special request – When you have a low-budget/small private group for a birthday party, getting a beautifully customized cake can be your best option!

2. Cupcakes/dessert catering – If you are planning to invite over some kiddy friends to your children’s birthday party, some desserts will surely keep their sweet tooth satisfied. You will probably get fewer cries as well!

For An Instagram-worthy Picture

3. Decor & Balloons – Birthday party ideas can never go without some decoration and balloons, despite being in their simplest form! You may even do it yourself if you have a tight budget. If you put in enough effort, your DIY decor set-up can be as though it’s done by a party planner!

4. Rent A Birthday Picnic Tent – If you are bored with the usual way of setting up a birthday party, A picnic birthday party can be refreshing & it gives you a unique experience! What’s best about it? It is doable for both indoor and outdoor celebrations!

Themed Birthday Party Ideas Will Never Go Wrong

5. Unicorn – Where all the rages are. Unicorns are so colorful, glittery that everyone just falls in love with it! 

6. Disney – Who does not know about Disney! Anything about Disney is often a win. You can choose the specific Disney characters that your children love so much, and live fully in the Disney world for that one day! 

7. Superheroes – Believe it or not, there is a superhero in all of us. Take this chance to celebrate your children’s most favorite superhero character with everyone!  

8. Animals – This theme opens up many possibilities. People of all ages love animals and would definitely respond excitingly to a colorful animal-themed birthday party.

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Birthday Party Games? Why Not!

9. Water Party  – If your children are water lovers, this is for you. Unless you have a water pool, renting a bouncy castle can create the ultimate fun for the kids!  

Search On Google For: Water Party Bouncy Castle

10. Outdoor Giant Bubbles – If you want to keep the kids busy, outdoor giant bubbles can do the job pretty well! Adults will love it too if they do not mind moving their bodies. The bubbles look so dreamy that you feel like you’re in a fantasy!

Q: Does Poodie Paint offer Face Painting?

A: Yes!  

Price: RM220/2HR

11. Treasure Hunt – Give some effort to hide the treasures and the crazy hunting shall begin! Remember, kids love to be rewarded and it will make them forget about time easily! 

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Entertainment Services That You Can’t Handle Yourself

12. Clown The Ice Breaker – Hire a clown & never be afraid for a dull moment! Clowns are genuinely entertaining and funny in their own way. Not to mention, some can offer balloon twisting for the best of both worlds!

13. Private Photography – Hire a private photographer to capture high-quality pictures of your family’s intimate moments! As Ed Sheeran says, the best way to keep love is to keep them in a photograph.

Q: Does Poodie Paint offer Private Photography?

A: Yes!  

Price: RM380/2HR/30-40 Photoshop-edited pictures

14. Creative Sand Art – Needs some hands-on creative painting for the running kids? Creative sand art helps the kids unleash their unlimited creativity as colors have no boundaries!  

Q: Does Poodie Paint offer Creative Sand Art?

A: Yes!  

Price: RM260/2HR/30 PCS

15. ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE Face Painting – Almost nothing can beat the experience that face painting offers to us. It connects all of us through colors, art, and creativity that no one can get left behind! If you like to bring colors & creativity to your children’s birthday party ideas, face painting is a MUST!

Q: Does Poodie Paint offer Face Painting?

A: Yes!    

Price: RM360/2HR/25-30 faces

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Face Painting by Poodie Paint