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4 Big Differences Between Makeup & Face Painting

Many people (perhaps you, too) wonder how different face painting and makeup are. This is because they are totally 2 different forms of face transformation, despite falling under the same category – cosmetics. Hence, face painting makeup and vice versa.

1. Different Purposes of Face Transformation 

As mentioned, both face painting and makeup are examples of face transformation, but they serve different purposes. What does it mean?

Let’s start with the commonly known one- makeup. We are now in a generation/era of civilization where looking presentable has become socially important. Therefore, the main purpose of makeup is to make you look better and feel more confident

On the other hand, face painting is a way to transform your look with infinite fun! You can be a tiger for a day when you feel like it. When you show your painted face with people around you, people are amazed and intrigued by your painted face. From there, you are indirectly allowing engagement to naturally happen between you and the people around you. Therefore, the main purpose of face painting is to promote engagement and create fun.

2. Face Painting & Makeup Product Materials

Makeup products, in general, are oil-based in order to look seamless, and natural when we apply them on our face. Therefore, removing makeup with a makeup removal product is always a necessary final step. 

Just like makeup, it is not a good practice to leave face paint on your face overnight. It is because the long-stay pigmentation may make it harder to clean. However, face painting materials are water-activated (glycerin, paraffin or acacia Senegal gum-based). Meaning, you should be able to clean the face paint with just WATER. They are oil-based face paints still being sold online, which may not be as safe for your skin. 

Makeup Product – Oil-based/Silicone-based/Water-based

Face Paint Product – Water-activated/Oil-based/Water-based

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3. Application & Practicality

Some people love/need makeup so much that they probably cannot live without it, most of us perhaps can. Also, makeup is comparatively more practical and essential. You can easily get makeup products in convenient stores and self-learn makeup from videos available on the internet.

On the other hand, you can absolutely say that face painting is non-essential, but everyone can love and enjoy face painting! Despite how unessential face painting may seem to be, face painting transforms your face with magic. Face painting is always one of the best activities to have when it comes to festive seasons and public events, such as Halloween, Christmas etc. Do you know? You can have Halloween makeup look with face painting instead. Pinterest can be very useful in supplying creative face painting designs and ideas.

4. Face Painting VS Makeup Techniques

Makeup and face painting require totally different application techniques. It all eventually breaks down to the quality of brushes, aid tools, products, colour matching and skills. Despite little to no drawing, skill is required when applying makeup, the amount of evaluation and sense of positioning is essential to creating the perfect makeup. 

Almost like makeup, face painting requires good quality brushes to draw and paint smoothly. Face painting also requires the right paint consistency so that the paint doesn’t not get too long to dry up. People often ask if face painting requires good drawing skill. The answer is – yes and no. You need to be adequately skillful in order to carry out praiseworthy face paint work. Else, you’re literally painting a face like how a wall painter does his work. However, you do not need to be already skillful in drawing in order to kick start your face painting journey. 

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Face Painting by Poodie Paint