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4 Untold Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Face Painting Service


Image: A face painter was giving her service at a restaurant KL.

Professional face painting service is an art-based entertainment service that originated from western countries decades ago. It is an act of drawing and painting someone’s face with non-toxic paint material. According to the customer’s desire, a professional face painter can also paint on a customer’s body. Therefore, we call it body painting. The quality of a face painting service is directly related to the quality of the face painter. Therefore, not only should a professional face painter be equipped with good art sense and drawing skills, they should also work along with professional face painting materials and tools. If not, one will never be able to differentiate a cat and a tiger!  

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Professional Face Painting – A Birthday Party & Event Entertainment Service Idea You’ll Never Regret Having

If you are organizing an event, public or private, you will wish to keep your guests entertained throughout the time. Therefore, you will most probably want to approach a face painting service provider. Not only can face painter paint beautiful designs on your guests, but also make face paint designs customizable. If you are throwing a cat-themed birthday party for your child, putting on super adorable cat face paint on everyone’s face at the birthday party will make it a game-changer! Face painting service is so fun and magical that it livens up your events and birthday parties with brilliant colours.

Choosing The Right Face Painter Saves Your Time And Money

The title may make no sense to you, but that’s the truth most people realize when they did a mistake by landing a face painting service on volunteers or low-paid amateurs. Here is why:

1. They lack proper drawing techniques and experience. That is when you can get Annabelle in The Conjuring when you ask for Elsa in Frozen!

2. They lack proper tools and face paint materials, which is absolutely a big NO. We have seen people use watercolour and cheap oil-based paint and paint it on children’s face. Bear in mind, doing so will only cause more harm than good to your children’s fragile skin!

3. They tend to draw slower. Therefore, lesser guests to entertain. Time is gold, remember?

4. Results are not as amazing and beautiful, which can lead to disappointment.

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professional face painting service in kl selangor for children birthday parties and public events

In conclusion, hiring a professional face painter for your events/birthday parties is not as easy as you think. Just make sure that every penny spent is worth it. Here goes one of our favourite mottos: We know what we do, and we do it at our best! We hope to see you in a healthy state at your event/party soon. Should you wish to book our face painting service, reach us here or simply hit the green button at the right corner.  

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