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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Makeup Content Stand Out!

Coming out with creative makeup content on social media can be a struggle. But, it should not stop you from moving forward! Believe it or not, everyone can be a content creator. Nowadays, as long as you have good makeup content and you are not afraid to show it, people will actually spend their time and be your audience. Taking Tiktok as the best example, thanks to it a lot of talented people are now being known widely. However, the competition is real. Here, we have 5 easy ways for you to make your makeup content stand out! Guess what? Putting up your best makeup transitions with our wet split liners is one of the easiest to do!

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Makeup Content Stand Out-

1. Use popular & currently trending music/songs

2. Play with creative makeup transition

3. Stitch with high-traffic influence’s makeup videos

4. Follow Tiktok weekly/monthly guide

5. Beautify yourself by doing your makeup transition in a futuristic & extraordinary way

This is a proven technique with statistics to get high traffic and views for all kinds of social media content. Those songs can be in different languages. Make sure they are able to fit nicely into your makeup content! Doja Cat as an example is a new popular singer in the U.S. where she has released a few great songs such as “Kiss Me More”. Turned out her songs are used in many makeup transition & tutorial videos on Tiktok!

Small tips: Whenever you come across a catchy soundtrack, save it for future use!

2. Play with creative transitions

Transition is one of the techniques that will never get old. The reason being is by implementing transitions into your videos, your audiences can hardly figure out what is your next move. As a result, it keeps their curiosity saturated until the end of the video!

Not only that, transitions are often used in makeup videos where people show the before-and-after of their looks. And this always turns out super cool!

Tips: Don’t be afraid to start making makeup transition videos, practice makes perfect!

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Inspo: IG/tatt00edslut 👻

♬ bury a friend - Billie Eilish

3. Stitch/duet with high-traffic influencer’s videos

No matter who you are and where you are from, this is obviously going to work. But the truth is, people may not know you. Instead, they probably have known some of the popular influencers on social media.

Ultimately, stitching your videos with theirs will expose more audiences who are already following them to your content. Remember not to disrespect anyone in any way!


#duet with @anokhinalz i have to recreate this look on you irl too 😎✨

♬ оригинальный звук - Аnokhina Liza

4. Follow Tiktok’s weekly/monthly guidelines

Tiktok will regularly release its strategies to help users create more contents for the audiences. Mostly, their strategies are curated according to their algorithm. If you want to expose your makeup content to more audiences around the world, keeping Tiktoks’s guidelines up-to-date can help.

Makeup is a topic that will never get out of the way no matter what. Even boys can enjoy makeup content nowadays. Showcasing your personal makeup tips, thoughts and trends will help educate audiences who lack knowledge in this area.

Meanwhile, creating unique & futuristic eyeliner makeup content can help attract eyeballs, too! The graphic abstract eyeliner makeup look has been hotly trending in western countries. Cutcreaser is one of the best eye makeup content creators for this graphic eyeliner makeup content!

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Face Painting by Poodie Paint