Face Painting by Poodie Paint

About Us


Founder l Face-painting & Henna Artist

Ysabelle Yeong 

“I started my face-painting journey in 2014. My passion for face-painting has never stopped growing ever since then. To me, it is truly blessed and wholesome to be able to bring happiness and fun to people (especially, kids!) by providing face-painting and other entertainment services. No words can describe how I feel when I see those beautiful smiling faces. I hope I can paint your face someday!” 

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Face-painting & Henna Artist

Lee Ni

“I’ve been offering face-painting service since 2013. Face painting allows me to be more bold when it comes to colours matching, and to create beautiful designs and paint it on customers. Later on, I was introduced to Henna Art which has doubled up my passion for art. Henna is a traditional art I feel responsible to keep alive across the generations, and spread the joy and happiness of it. I believe everyone deserves to enjoy the fun in art.” 

Private Photographer 

Ang Jia Hau

“I started my photography journey as a landscape photographer when I was 13 because I’ve always been into capturing beautiful landscapes while traveling. Slowly, I become more attracted to capturing the subtitles of every moment and the candid connections between people. It is my greatest pleasure to save these moments and give them a place to be remembered for generations to come.”

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering professional, wide-range & quality-guaranteed entertainment services to our customers on their special day.

Our Vision

To be the most high-quality, affordable and reliable entertainment service provider in Malaysia.

Face Painting by Poodie Paint