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a girl has cat face paint at a birthday party

Before we jump right into the steps, just a quick question: Are you starting out face painting as a beginner but do not know where to start or what to paint? Do not worry, we have researched some ideas for you! It was found out that cat face paint designs are among one of the most popular face paint designs such as Elsa from Frozen, Spiderman, Unicorn and on. Similarly, we also have a blog article written which especially talks about the top 8 face paint party theme to go in 2021. If you are planning ahead for your children’s birthday party, make sure you check it out and have some ideas!

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Step-by-step Cat Face Paint Design From A Beginner Level

We know that trying to learn how to face paint from solely reading can be difficult. You need some videos and visuals showing how the face painting is taken in place throughout the process. We made it available and FREE for all of you who wish to learn face painting. Click on the cat face paint tutorial on Youtube we attached below.

Face Painting Products and Materials

Before you start the step-by-step face painting, we want you to make sure that you have a better understanding of what you are going to put on your face! Be ready to get familiar with questions: Is it makeup products or face painting products? What are their differences? Which one is better? Indeed they are not the same and can affect your end result.

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Galaxy Cat Face Painting Tutorials by Poodie Paint on Youtube.com

1st Step: Put on the white base. Remember, base paint is always the first thing to do when face painting.

2nd Step: Put on the 2nd colour base after white. The reason being, the colour base that comes after can be blended with the white colour.

3rd Step: Put on the 3rd colour base at the nose area. This is for filling up the negative space.

4th Step: Start outlining everything with black colour! Things like the eye, nose shape, ears, and fur.

5th Step: Draw cat stripes at the cheek and forehead area.

6th Step: Draw some white lines and dots to create the light effect.

AND YOU ARE DONE! Super easy and simple Galaxy Cat Face Painting that is perfect for your themed birthday parties or any special celebrations! We hope you enjoy this tutorial and hopefully have something to bring back home. However, if you are too busy/feel less artsy to do face painting, ask for our face painting service instead! Give us a message by pushing the Whatsapp button at the bottom right corner, we hope to see you at your special events!

Face Painting by Poodie Paint