Face Painting by Poodie Paint

The First Locally Branded Face Painting Supply In Malaysia- Poodie Paint Official Store

We are so excited to be launching the first local branded face painting supply in Malaysia. With these local supplies that you can get easily on Shopee, you never have to worry about the expensive shipping fee from overseas ever again! Our prices remain affordable and even better, we make sure we do not mark our prices higher than the overseas face painting brands such as Snazaroo, Fusion Body Art, TAG, KRAZE and more. There is only one BIG reason why we do so – to make sure people can get access to face painting supply at affordable prices. Read further to know what we get to offer! Graphic wet/water trending Tiktok eyeliner, face painting palette, rainbow split cakes and more!

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1. Graphic Wet/Water Dual Colour Eyeliner By Poodie Paint

The first graphic water eyeliner in Malaysia! It has 2 colours in 1 one pot, allowing you to mix and create new combinations of colours!

2. 20g Rainbow Split Cake For Half/Full Face Face Painting

This 20g Rainbow Split Cake consists of a few colours in 1 chunky big pot, giving the burst of rainbow colours that complement almost any kind of designs you create!

3. 120g Professional Face Painting Essential x12 Solid Colour Basic Palette

This basic solid colour palette allows your to create basic drawings/painting without jeopardizing your creativity. While the split cakes can giving you the “wow” effect, these basic colours are the ultimate essentials you need to start face painting!

4. 60g Professional Face Painting Rainbow Split Cake x6 Basic Global Spectrum Palette

This x6 rainbow split cake spectrum palette allows you to create basic drawings/paintings in an advanced manner, such as one-stroke flowers, fire, leaves, superheroes masks and more!

Last but not least…

5. 120g Professional Face Painting Rainbow Split Cake x12 Premium Global Spectrum Palette

This premium spectrum face painting palette gives you the most colorful combinations of split cakes among the others. With this palette, your designs /creations can never go dull and ordinary. If you aspire to be a face painter, you most probably need to grab one of these too!



Face Painting by Poodie Paint