Face Painting by Poodie Paint

Image: A face painter was hired at a birthday party.

Everyone misses the old times where outdoor activities were open and physical interactions were allowed. During special occasions, such as mall events and birthday parties, a face painter is hired to paint amazing face paint designs on the guest’s face. It is an entertainment service idea that never fails to liven up the environment and to meet customer’s satisfaction.     

The Emerge of COVID-19

Today, physical contact is no longer allowed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 globally. People are forced to stay home to keep their health and safety at the top of priorities. However, does it mean we will never be able to hang out with people anymore or celebrate special days with the loved ones? Is hiring a face painter at events/birthday parties considered “threatening” to the people’s safety and their own?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Despite the fact of how fatal COVID-19 seems to be, it is totally 100% PREVENTABLE. By following a set of rules and Standard Operating Procedure given by the government, we all can prevent ourselves from being the next COVID-19 patient. Here is a list of things a face painter at events/birthday parties will do at best to prevent the hygiene and safety of customers and their own being at stake:

Reducing the risk of transmission to the least:

  1. Wear mask and face shield at work ALL THE TIME
  2. Disinfect all the tools (brushes and sponges) with disinfectant before using it on customers
  3. Spray the hands with sanitizers as frequent as possible at work
  4. Prepare a MySejahtera QR Code for guests to access the risk

We hope this clarifies your questions. Should you look for party entertainment service for a smaller group, good news! Poodie Paint has introduced packages for a small-size party at affordable price. Check out our catalogue here >> Face Painting by Poodie Paint Catalogue

No matter where you go/what you do, wear mask, sanitize and stay safe! Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Face Painting by Poodie Paint