Face Painting by Poodie Paint

Stuck at home like the rest of us? We feel you! Movement Control Order (MCO) is a key strategy to keep everyone safe and perhaps, help prevent the daily increase in new COVID-19 cases. So, there is nothing better we can do than staying at home. “Ya… Bosannya tapi…” Guess what? Say no more to boring days! Instead, build a new skill from face painting tutorials by Poodie Paint! And start learning face painting from easy & popular face painting designs!

Face Painting Tutorials On Youtube- Build New Skills!

Learning new skills and hobbies is one of the great ways to spend your time at home wisely. What is even better??? Face painting tutorials are made free for all of you! You can be a student from all levels, fresh graduates, working adults, or an art lover! No pre-requisite drawing skills required AT ALL. These tutorials are made to be suitable for pure beginners as well.

You may also feel that face painting is somewhat like makeup, and label it as a “girl” thing. Then we have to tell you this – YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT IT. Face painting is for everyone regardless of their gender and age. Despite falling under the category of cosmetics, it is not the daily makeup you see from girls (well, even boys apply makeup nowadays). If you wish to know about the difference between makeup and face painting, check out this link.

Learning Outcome

Through the face painting tutorials posted on Youtube, you will be learning a few important things:

-basic tools introduction

-basic techniques required

-easy face painting designs for kids

-easy & popular face painting designs for adults

-secret tips!

Our Aim

With more than 5 years of experience in the face painting industry, we learnt how much joy, fun, happiness and passion face painting has brought to all of us! Despite being caught up in the midst of pandemic chaos, we still aim to deliver some fun and happiness to you and your family! Therefore, we strive to bring out the awareness of face painting and make it available for everyone without the need of hiring a professional face painter.

So, make sure you tune in to all the videos we shared on our Youtube channel, called Face Painting by Poodie Paint, where we demonstrate how to face paint easy yet super popular designs on Tiktok for both kids and adults! We hope that you will learn something new from there. You can also directly view some of the tutorials here right below!

Face Painting by Poodie Paint