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Candy Kingdom – 20g Graphic Wet Split Liner Cake (Pastel UV)

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  1. Neon UV Pastel Yellow (glow under UV light)
  2. Neon UV Pastel Orange (glow under UV light)
  3. Neon UV Pastel Pink (glow under UV light)
  4. Neon UV Pastel Purple (glow under UV light)
  5. Neon UV Pastel Blue (glow under UV light)
  6. Neon UV Pastel Green (glow under UV light)

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Say hello to our ✿20g Graphic Wet Split Liner Face Painting Cake✿! Get creative creating graphic ombré liner or even mix up the shades to make a new colour!

How to use:

  1. Open lid
  2. Add a small amount of water by dipping a graphic eyeliner brush into the water (not too much)
  3. Swirl the wet brush into the  pigment and watch the colour pay off!
  4. Happy painting!
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Face Painting by Poodie Paint