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girl have floral face paint at a birthday party by face painter in kl selangor

Assuming that everyone who is reading this is going to either make a birthday party or public event which aims to pull the crowd as much as possible. Therefore, you most probably want to hire certain entertainment services to help you do so. Similarly, someone suggested to you that hiring a face painter KL-Selangor can be a great idea. The question now is – how do you find a face painter in KL-Selangor that suits your event/party at best?

How to Choose Your Face Painter in KL-Selangor

1. Price

Frankly speaking, as a customer ourselves, pricing is all we care about. You will surely go for the face painter who offers a lower price. It does not take even a second to think. However, let me tell you the truth that you will not regret listening… The biggest mistake that people most often overlooked and caused great disappointment in the end – Quality. A cheap face painting service DOES NOT guarantee you it is going to be impressive. It all comes back to your budget. For instance, if you have a tight budget, perhaps you may not get the great impact you look for.

2. Quality

high quality face painting by face painter kl-selangor

Believe it or not, life is as fair as it should be. Many people, however, do not quite get this through their head. Therefore, we are going to share these 3 principles that work globally across the map when evaluating the quality of a face painting service:

If it is CHEAP, it cannot be FAST & GOOD;

If it is FAST, it cannot be CHEAP & GOOD;

If it is GOOD, it cannot be FAST & CHEAP!

Well, these principles pretty much fit in everywhere else too, to be honest. Similarly, here goes the old saying: “You always get what you pay for.” However, we always believe that it is possible to at least get 2 values ticked (if not all 3). We will always prioritize Quality > Price > Time. Even though you can paint many faces in 2 hours, poor quality face paints are not going to impress anyone at the birthday party/event. As much as we dislike to repeat ourselves, an artwork which is not impressive is rather a waste of money.

boys face paints designs by poodie paint by face painter kl-selangor

3. Design Customization

As we just talked about you going to have party/event soon, it may come with a theme. Elsa-themed, cat-themed and unicorn-themed parties are the top 3 most popular themed parties we had engaged with in 2020. Hence, before you confirm a service booking, make sure the face painter is able to cater to your conceivable need. Therefore, at Face Painting by Poodie Paint, we can provide customized face painting and UV Face & Body Art.

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uv sfx eye designs face painting by poodie paint

In conclusion, it is important to ask your face painter a few relevant questions before confirming a booking with them. By booking our services, we guarantee that our face painting service will turn your event/party into memorable precious memories. Should you wish to book a slot with us, click the Contact Us button below or fill in the booking form.

Face Painting by Poodie Paint