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We hope 2020 has been good to you, and 2021 will treat you better! We will not be surprised that some of you may already start to plan ahead for the year. Things like financial budgeting, family trips, career progression and goals, children’s academic schedule, birthday parties… Ah, birthday parties! Have to choose a face paint birthday party theme la kan… Besides counting down to 2021 on the last day of 2020, we would also like to share with you the top 8 famous face painting birthday party themes to go for in 2021 if you are planning to throw a birthday party with a specific theme for your little ones! What’s better? We provide customized face painting designs according to your kid’s birthday party theme! We can turn your little girl/boy’s wish into reality, and let them shine brightly at their very own birthday party!

Discover the 8 Hot Birthday Party Theme Ideas with Face Painting

Throwing a birthday party for your children is probably one of the greatest things you have ever done/will do in your life. A party does not merely represent birthday celebration, you create more memorable sweet memories with your loved ones. There is only one life to spare, make sure your children enjoy their one-and-only childhood at best!

Birthday Party Theme Ideas with Face Painting For Boys

  1. Batman – For the cool boys!


kid has batman face paint design at a themed birthday party in kl selangor

Batman is portraited as a cool guy who always prefers to execute missions alone. He has strong faith in himself and believes that evil people should receive punishment for their bad deeds. If your boys admire Batman for his quality, do not hesitate to make him a Batman-themed birthday party!


2. Ninja Turtle – For the playful boys!


kid has ninja turtle face painting designs at a birthday party in kl selangor


Ninja Turtle(s) save the world as a team. Kids who love Ninja Turtle can be a good team player as well as performing individually. They always enjoy good companies and will risk their lives to save each other no matter what. Hence, if your boys have a bunch of good friends he appreciates deeply, a Ninja Turtle-themed birthday party can form life-long friendship memories for them.

3. Dinosaur – For the curious-creative boys!

kid has dinosaur face painting designs at a birthday party in kl selangor


Although dinosaur has been extinct for many years, kids still love it so much for its unique body shape and its humongous body size! Hence, if your children are adventurous and love the explore anything about the dinosaur, a dinosaur-themed birthday party would be perfect for him/her!

4. Spiderman – For the brave boys!


kid has spiderman face painting designs at a birthday party in kl selangor

5. Marvel Superheroes (Unisex)

kid has superhero marvel face painting designs at a birthday party in kl selangor

Marvel-themed birthday parties are one of the commonly seen party themes as well. This theme can be unisex because it has many Marvel characters to choose from. Captain America, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Joker, and more!


Face Paint Party Theme For Girls

  1. Little Mermaid – For Your Shy Yet Courageous Girls


kid has mermaid face paint at a birthday party in kl selangor

Despite living in the ocean and being shy, Little Mermaid is not afraid of chasing after the love she deeply falls into. She is determined and courageous to find ways to be with her lover who lives on the land, even though doing so could put her life at stake.

2. Elsa, Frozen – For Your Independent & Strong Girls

kid has elsa frozen face paint design at a themed birthday party in kl selangor

Some girls are born to be just like Elsa! Always so confident, responsible and faithful in everything she does. If you see Elsa’s shadow in your daughter(s), an Elsa-themed birthday party will be perfect for her!

3. Unicorns/My Little Pony – For Your Imaginative & Creative Girls

kid has unicorn face paint at a birthday party in kl selangor

The most magical, whimsical and dreamy thing is here – The Unicorn! Why? Because it is so cute and lovely & unicorn is almost all girl’s favourite! Pastel unicorn/pony is often one of the hot picks by the little girls when it comes to face painting. If you are not sure what party theme to have for your baby girls, Unicorn will never go wrong and disappoint you.

We hope you find the suggested birthday party themes helpful. Your kids’ smile is more important than physical decoration and birthday gifts. With customized face painting designs upon request, we love to help create the best friendship memories for your kids and their friends in their childhood memories!

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